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It all starts with a smart investing

Our story

S[k]aleUp Venture was born following our founder’s (Salma El-Hariry) journey of accelerating over 25 MENA based startups in Silicon Valley who managed to collectively raise over $60 million.

We’re here to put emerging market talent on the global innovation map. The aim is to help them solve real World’s problems to have a more equitable world. We call them the #ConsciousTechies.

We do this through CrowdWealth; our #ConsciousTech startup discovery platform and Vested Summit; the world’s largest #ConsciousTech summit..

Supported startups
Millions raised
Millions Impressions


Creating a leading online and offline investment platforms to make it faster and easier for anyone to access capital for their #ConsciousTech Start-ups.


Become the leading investment gate way for #ConsciousTech start-ups in emerging markets.

The #ConsciousTech Movement​

Our CEO Salma El-Hariry Has coined the term ‘Conscious Techies’ to refer to the world’s mindful risk-taking entrepreneurs exploring frontier technologies to make real impact in humanity.

A #ConsciousTech movement stemmed out of Vested Summit 2018 to bring awareness to this type of tech startups that have the focus of solving real world’s problems; like education, healthcare, transportation, water, etc.



Vested Summit; the World’s Largest #ConsciousTech Summit, is a gathering of passion-fwd tech disruptors, influencers & tech-heads coming together to hack real world problems using frontier technologies (AI, VR/AR, Big Data, Robotics, Fintech, Blockchain) with the help of our technology partners, experts/mentors, speakers and investors. Hosted for 2 years out of Egype and with over 1500+ attendees from 25 countries including global influential leaders like Jason Silva as a keynote, Vested Summit has helped, mentored and attracted investments for over 120 startups so far.

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CrowdWealth aims at making fundraising for #ConsciousTech startups from VCs, angels & the crowd simple. The platform acts as a startups hub giving global investors access to a personalized pipeline of the most promising potential deals in emerging markets as we source, support and carefully vet them.

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Matching deals with our wide network of global investors and partnerships

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Who do we invest in ?


Funding strategy

We support #ConsiousTech underdogs of emerging markets, aiming for conscious unicorns.

typical investment

$50K – $150K

typical valution

$1M – $5M

Following round

we sell our shares

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Meet our team

Salma El-Hariri


Hala Gabr

VP & Partner

Walid El-Gendy

Head of Biz-Dev

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