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Our story

S[k]aleUp Venture was born following our founder’s (Salma El-Hariry) journey of accelerating over 25 MENA based startups in Silicon Valley who managed to collectively raise over $60 million.

We’re here to put emerging market talent on the global innovation map. The aim is to help them solve real World’s problems to have a more equitable world. We call them the #ConsciousTechies.

We do this through CrowdWealth; our #ConsciousTech startup discovery platform and Vested Summit; the world’s largest #ConsciousTech summit..

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Creating a leading online and offline investment platforms to make it faster and easier for anyone to access capital for their #ConsciousTech Start-ups.


S[k]aleUp Ventures aims at democratizing capital to fuel global sustainable change by making it accessible for anyone, anywhere to invest in #ConsciousTech startups.

The #ConsciousTech Movement​

Our CEO Salma El-Hariry Has coined the term ‘Conscious Techies’ to refer to the world’s mindful risk-taking entrepreneurs exploring frontier technologies to make real impact in humanity.

A #ConsciousTech movement stemmed out of Vested Summit 2018 to bring awareness to this type of tech startups that have the focus of solving real world’s problems; like education, healthcare, transportation, water, etc.

What we do

Vested Summit; the World’s Largest #ConsciousTech Summit, is a gathering of passion-fwd tech disruptors, influencers & tech-heads coming together to hack real world problems using frontier technologies (AI, VR/AR, Big Data, Robotics, Fintech, Blockchain) with the help of our technology partners, experts/mentors, speakers and investors. Hosted for 2 years out of Egype and with over 1500+ attendees from 25 countries including global influential leaders like Jason Silva as a keynote, Vested Summit has helped, mentored and attracted investments for over 120 startups so far.


CrowdWealth aims at making fundraising for #ConsciousTech startups from VCs, angels & the crowd simple. The platform acts as a startups hub giving global investors access to a personalized pipeline of the most promising potential deals in emerging markets as we source, support and carefully vet them.

Who do we invest in ?








Funding strategy

We support #ConsiousTech underdogs of emerging markets, aiming for conscious unicorns.


NOTABLE entrepreneurs


The boy who decided to postpone university and opted to become a blockchain expert right after high school. Nour Haridy; now owns La Markaz; developing fully decentralized Apps using the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure.


The undergrad girl who captured Elon Musk’s heart when she won the Innovation award from SpaceX. Samar El Diary; the aerospace engineer who -despite the minimal available funding and resources- worked on manufacturing the very first passenger hyperloop prototype in the middle east.


The boy that because of suffering the death of his father from diabetes, studied medicine and was able during Vested Summit hackathon to produce an MVP of a diabetes detection solution through retina analysis with an accuracy of 97%, and is now accelerating the idea.



An innovative new AI Powered Solution to help SMEs control, manage and optimize sales and distribution operation of finished goods


Biotech company expert in manufacturing high competence chitosan and Chitosan solutions for all sectors. Middle East’s leading Chitosan Solutions provider! manufacturing the very first passenger hyperloop prototype in the middle east.


CHIPS is a trusted cloud-based medical practice management system that brings the healthcare practice to a new measure.

Meet the core team

S[k]aleUp Ventures is a female-led team and a completely remote one.

Salma El-HarirY

founder & CEO

Hala Gabr

partner & VP

Walid El-Gendy

pARTNER & Head of Biz-Dev

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